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Organizations may use this simple assessment to determine the current employer recovery capital available at your organization or workplace. For each question, please select from the drop down the most appropriate answer on a continuum of strongly agree to strongly disagree. If you would like your results emailed to you, please provide your email address at the end. Assessments can range from 12 (low employer recovery capital) to 84 (high employer recovery capital.
RFW Recovery Capital Survey
1. The organization currently offers recovery education and training for employers and employees. *
2. The organization offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers behavioral health supports for employees in need. *
3. The organization human resources department or staff have policies in place to address behavioral health issues that arise in the workplace. *
4. The organization's human resources department or staff regularly reviews and drafts policies and procedures that support a recovery-friendly environment. *
5. The organization has and encourages a non-stigmatizing attitude towards behavioral health concerns. *
6. The organization current offers internal, or through external contracts, peer recovery support services for employees in or seeking recovery. *
7. The organization maintains an up-to-date list of prevention, treatment, and recovery support organizations available to employees in their communities. *
8. The organization currently maintains a membership in an association that regularly discusses topics related to behavioral health concerns and recovery in the workplace. *
9. The organization allows for flexible time off for employees to attend recovery support activities and events. *
10. The organization has a dedicated staff position that leads recovery supportive programming, social events, and other activities for employees in recovery. *
11. The organization has policies in place that promote a successful and non-punitive return to work for employees who engage in behavioral health treatment. *
12. The organization has adopted formal workplace protections for employees with a recovery identity or living with a behavioral health disorder. *
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