We all gain when we support recovery

With over 9% of Texans living in recovery – representing employers, employees, customers, and communities – we all benefit when we support recovery at a global, state, and local level.

Organizations which become recovery friendly workplaces enjoy several benefits in addition to cost savings, including employee satisfaction, community connection, and much more!

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Workplaces that implement evidence-based health & wellness programming retain a healthier, more productive, and more motivated workforce.

Creating a recovery-centric workplace culture helps drive increases in team members (both in and supportive of recovery) satisfaction with their jobs, their employer, and their co-workers.

One of the biggest drives of costs related to substance misuse in the workplace result from absenteeism and lost productivity. Supporting staff in or seeking recovery helps improve productivity and attendance across the board. 

Our communities are full of families, loved ones, and individuals in recovery. By creating a recovery friendly environment, employers send a strong message to their communities that they understand the importance of a solution-focused approach by addressing behavioral health directly as a top priority.

Providing ongoing support to employees in recovery, as well as appropriate recovery support services to those employees seeking recovery, helps to increase their overall health and wellness. This often results in decreased healthcare spending at the employer level, while also improving the quality of life and wellbeing of each employee.


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