Recovery Friendly Workplaces

There are an estimated 2,800,000 Texans living in recovery. They are employers, employees, and customers.

What are recovery friendly workplaces?

Recovery Friendly Workplaces (RFW) support their communities by recognizing recovery from substance use and mental health disorders as a strength and by being willing to work intentionally with people in recovery.  RFWs encourage a healthy and safe environment where employers, employees, and communities can collaborate to create positive change and eliminate barriers faced by those in or seeking recovery.

Goal 1

FOSTER a safe and recovery friendly environment

In order to strengthen and enhance workplace culture, RFW-TX employment specialists will support interested organizations in finding evidence-based practices to meet their individualized needs. Specialists will help each organization develop and sustain the recovery-centric policy changes and practices in your workplace.

Goal 2

ENGAGE employers and staff in recovery-informed education

The RFW-TX team of specialists work with each organization, their human resources team, and their entire staff to help education on what recovery is, how it is best supported at their organization, and what each of us can do to foster a recovery-friendly environment.

Goal 3

Implement Recovery Friendly Workplace Best Practices

Based on organizational needs and readiness, RFW-TX specialists will assist in implementing best practices to assist employees in recovery, provide employees appropriate types of individualized recovery support services, and develop a long-term strategic plan for maintaining the RWF initiative at their organization.

What Success Looks Like

  • Retain Healthy and Productive Employees100%
  • Promote Recovery In Local Communities100%
  • Create Recovery Ready Ecosystems Throughout Texas100%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFW-TX?

Recovery Friendly Workplaces as a campaign was originally envisioned in New Hampshire, and has since grown to include several initiatives across the country, including Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Nevada. In 2022, Unity Recovery implemented RFW-TX after its success in running the RFW-PA program since 2020.

What is a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

A Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) is a business or organization that chooses to go above and beyond in supporting employees by creating a workplace culture that supports people in or seeking recovery from substance use or mental health disorders, as well as those family members, loved ones, and community members also impacted..

How much does it cost to become a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

There is no cost for a business or organization to become recovery-friendly - only a commitment to positive change. In addition, employees who are job seeking and need additional employment services or recovery supports can also access such services at no cost.

How long does it take to become a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

While the time to complete the steps to become a Recovery Friendly Workplace vary from organization to organization, most find that it takes from 2-4 months to complete the initial steps and be considered a RFW.

What does Recovery Friendly mean?

When a Recovery Friendly environment and culture is created, people in recovery and those impacted by substance use and mental health disorders can thrive. A Recovery Friendly Workplace shines a light on employee health and wellness, and demonstrates commitment to reducing the stigma often associated with these disorders faced by those we employ, our customers, and living in our communities.

What are the benefits of becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

Estimates suggest there are over 2,800,000 people living in recovery in Texas. By becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace, you are supporting your employees and creating a healthier environment for them to work, but also showing customers and community members that your business is a proactive, valued community partner. In addition, workplaces that implement evidence-based health and wellness policies and programs recruit and retain a healthier, more productive, and more motivated workforce.

What are the RFW-TX advisory councils?

RFW-TX has convened RFW Advisory Councils. These councils are groups of diverse business leaders and content experts who continue to help shape the initiatives and  provide guidance and support to promote Recovery Friendly Workplaces.

What other resources are available to employers or employees?

Employers who participate in the RFW initiatives receive hands-on training and technical assistance to support their ongoing efforts to promote a recovery-centric workplace culture. Available resources include RFW-TX toolkits, materials, trainings, and support for supervisors and employees. Employment specialists ensure workplaces are well connected to the most current prevention, treatment, and recovery related resources to best support their employees.

In addition, employment and vocational specialists are available to individuals in or seeking recovery that are either job seeking, or need additional recovery support for their substance use or mental health disorders.

All services are available at no cost to job-seeking individuals, employees, and employers.

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